Praying Through John 6

Heavenly Father, help me to do like Andrew and bring to Jesus my meager resources and let him do a mighty work.

Lord Jesus, thank you for coming to me when I am afraid. I need not fear any kind of storm because I know you command the elements and have defeated Satan.

Thank you, Lord, for offering me the bread of life so that I will never be hungry and the living water so that I will never be thirsty. Thank you for not casting me out of the kingdom.

Father, I want to do your work. Jesus said that work is to believe in him. I do believe. Please strengthen my faith continually. Help me to follow Jesus’ example and do your will.

Thank you for drawing me to Jesus, who will raise me up at the last day. I don’t know all that happens at the moment of death, but I believe that Jesus will raise me up.

Thank you for speaking to me and teaching me, and opening my ears to hear you and my mind to learn from you. Help me to always pay attention when you speak.

Lord Jesus, there is so much I don’t understand. Eating your flesh and drinking your blood: in an earthly sense, I don’t understand that. In a spiritual sense, I understand even less. You living in me and me living in you: I know that’s in the spiritual sense, but I confess that I really don’t understand how that can be. Nevertheless, Lord, I believe. Help me to always feed on you and to not stumble.

Lord Jesus, you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God. There is no one else to whom I would go. Help me, Lord, to never betray you or deny you.

In your name I pray. Amen.

Copyright © 2007, Star Ferdinand. All Rights Reserved.


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