Praying Through John 2

God, help me to show compassion to others, as Mary did at the wedding in Cana. When she told Jesus that the wine was gone, she didn’t ask him to do anything, yet she obviously knew he would because she told the servants to do whatever Jesus said to do. Father, as Mary knew Jesus well enough to know that he would help, help me to know him well enough to know what he wants me to do in the situations I encounter.

I am impressed, Father, by the actions of the servants who unhesitatingly obeyed Jesus. Help me to so recognize Jesus’ authority over me that I, too, will unhesitatingly obey him. Father, when Jesus turned the water into wine, he saved the host from embarrassment and satisfied his mother’s implied, but unspoken, request, thus demonstrating his love and respect for her. Help me, O God, to show compassion as Jesus did, even when I don’t feel like it. Help me, also, to demonstrate my love, respect, and appreciation for my mother.

O Lord God, Jesus was so angry at the temple, but his was surely righteous anger. Help me to be angry over the things that anger you, but to be self-controlled and not easily angered over other things. Help me to display righteous anger as you would have me display it. Help me distinguish between that over which I should be angry and that which I must not let anger me.

Jesus’ body was your temple, God. The temple that you raised up after three days. It was then that the disciples remembered that Jesus said his body would be raised up in three days, and they believed the Scripture and the word Jesus had spoken. God, I, too, believe the Scripture and the word Jesus has spoken. Help me to always believe, and to act upon that belief.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Copyright ©2007, Star Ferdinand. All Rights Reserved.


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