Praying Through John 15

O God, you are the vinedresser, and I am one of the branches that bear fruit. I know that means you will prune me. When you do that, Father, help me to recognize that you are pruning me and that I must go through that pruning to bear more fruit. I do want to bear more fruit.

Lord Jesus, help me to abide in you, to truly abide in you, to rest in you. Help me to recognize that abiding in you doesn’t mean I need to run myself ragged trying to do more things for you, more things for God. Help me, rather, to come apart and rest in you, to let you teach me, to get to know you, to draw food from you and your Word, so that I can bear much fruit.

Lord, help me to be a witness to those who do not abide in you, to those who have been cast out and are withering. Father, help me to point them to you.

Lord, let your words so live in me, so abide in me, that you will give me what I desire, because what I desire will be what you want. O God, take my desires and replace them with your desires.

Help me, Jesus, to glorify your Father by bearing much fruit.

Thank you, Lord, for loving me with a love so immense that you would die for me. Please help me to keep your commandments so that I will remain in your love. Hold me fast, Lord. When I start to stray from the path God has set before me, pull me back onto the path. Keep me headed in the right direction.

Thank you, Lord, for the joy you have given me. Please make it full.

Lord, please help me to love like you love. Help me to see people like you see them. When my Christian brothers and sisters are hard to love, show me how to love them. Show me, also, how to love the people who don’t know you yet.

What love you demonstrated for us, Lord Jesus! Help me to hear your commands and to do them.

A friend of Jesus, a friend of God. Thank you for making that possible for me. Help me, Lord, to nurture that friendship by listening to you and bearing lasting fruit.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me the testimony of the apostles and other early disciples. I wasn’t there to see your great works and hear your life-giving words, but through the testimony of your disciples and the Holy Spirit, I learned of them and was convicted of my sin. Thank you, Jesus, for showing me the way to be reconciled to the Father.

The disciples’ testimony taught me about you and helps me know you better. Help me, Lord, to follow their example and testify about you, also.

I ask all these things in your holy name. Amen.

Copyright © 2007, Star Ferdinand. All Rights Reserved.


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