Praying Through John 14

O Lord, I do believe in you. Thank you for giving me your peace so that my heart is not troubled, despite all the trouble in the world around me.

Father, these are such encouraging and hope-filled words, to know that some day I will be with you, in the place Jesus is preparing for me. What a future I have to look forward to!

Lord Jesus, thank you for showing us the Father. I do believe that you are in him and he is in you.

Help me Father, to be more like Jesus. Help me to speak your words and do the works you created for me to do.

Help me, Lord Jesus, to know you so well that when I ask for something it will be want you want me to ask for.

Lord, I do love you. I want to keep your commandments, but I know that sometimes I fail. I know that hurts you, and I am so sorry. Please help me to let your Holy Spirit so control my life that sin becomes a smaller and smaller problem each day. I know it will be there until I get to heaven, but help me to use the armor of God and to submit to the control of your Spirit so that sin diminishes and you increase in my life daily!

O Lord Jesus, to think that I am in you and you are in me! That is so exciting and, at the same time, humbling. You, the Son of God, in me! How unworthy I am, but you don’t see me that way, do you? You see each of us who have been washed in your blood as holy and blameless! My finite mind can’t truly understand how you could love me so much that you would die for me, take away the stain of sin in my life, and then bring me to your Father as one who is without fault.

Lord, please continue to reveal yourself to me. Thank you for loving me!

Father, thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to remind the apostles of Jesus’ words and to teach them all they needed to know so that they could do the works you set before them, including providing us with the Bible, which is the record of your dealings with mankind, your commandments, and the story of your incredible love.

Thank you Lord, so much for the peace you have given me. Thank you for helping my heart to not be troubled or fearful as it hopes in you.

Lord, what an example of love for your Father you gave us! Whatever he commanded you, that you did, even dying on a Cross! Oh, help me, Lord, to show my love for you and for the Father by doing whatever you want me to do. Help me to know and then to do your will always. I ask these things in your name, confident that you will help me to do your will. Amen.

Copyright © 2007, Star Ferdinand. All Rights Reserved.


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