Praying Through John 10

Lord Jesus, thank you for being my shepherd. Please help me to always follow you and to flee from Satan.

Thank you, Jesus, for the abundant life you offer me. Help me to live it in a way that pleases you. Thank you for laying down your life for me instead of fleeing from the Cross.

O Father, please help those who do not yet hear Jesus’ voice to do so. Please open their ears and let them hear. Please draw them to him. Unite us, Father, under the one Shepherd, your Son, Jesus.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for obeying the commandment of your Father and laying down your life for unworthy, sinful mankind. I know you didn’t have to do it. You could have walked away from the humiliation, the torture, and the Cross, but you didn’t. You went through it all because your Father said it was the only way to reconcile man to God. I cannot imagine the physical and emotional pain you went through because you loved the world, all of us. Thank you!

Lord, how you were misunderstood then! Has anything changed? It doesn’t seem like it. There are still people who do not yet see that you are the Messiah. May they see very soon. Help me to live my life so that they will see you working through me and will be drawn by the Father to you.

Thank you, Father, for drawing me to Jesus, for opening my eyes, ears, heart, and mind so that I could see and hear and understand that Jesus is your Son, the Messiah, the Savior of all who follow him. Thank you for holding me firmly in your hand and never letting anyone snatch me out of your hand.

Lord Jesus, you are indeed God. My human mind cannot comprehend how you can be in the Father and he be in you, but I believe your words. I believe your works. You are the Messiah sent from God!

Father, thank you for drawing people to Jesus today, just as you did when he walked this earth in human form. Thank you for drawing them then so that they could testify to us many centuries later. Help your people today to so live our lives that people in our day and in the years to come will hear and read of our testimony and know that Jesus is Lord and the Savior of the world you love so much.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Copyright © 2007, Star Ferdinand. All Rights Reserved.


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