Praying Through Habakkkuk 1

O Lord, as I stand my watch to see what You will say to me, help me to wait patiently. Help me to write the vision clearly that You proclaim, so that all who read it will understand Your message. Help us, Father, to stand fast, knowing that You will fulfill Your promises and accomplish Your plan at the appropriate time.

Please help us to live, O God, not in pride, but faithfully. Help us to live as You would have us live, not full of wine, pride, lust, or desire for power.

As a nation, O Lord, let there be no cause for anyone to taunt us or rise up against us. Lest us not covet evil gain so that we can live in expensive homes and avoid disaster. Father, help our government leaders to use our national power wisely, to help the oppressed, but let us not build towns with bloodshed or establish cities by iniquity.

Let the earth be filled with the knowledge of Your glory, Lord, as the waters over the sea.

Keep us from idolatry, Father. There are many things we tend to idolize in this world of technology and convenience, but those things cannot awaken and teach, for there is no breath in them.

You are in Your holy temple, Lord. Let us all keep silent before You. You alone are worthy of our worship, O Lord. May we always do so. Amen.